看着别人拿着一把吉他在路边献艺,引来一大帮的人围观,尤其不乏很多漂亮妹纸,于是这学习吉他的心就一次次的被带起来了。我想这或许是大多数人开始学习吉他的初衷吧… 所谓把妹(现在流行叫“撩妹”)的利器。



[Song] El Condor Pasa

Away, I’d rather sail away like a swan that’s here and gone. A man gets tied up to the ground. He gives the world its saddest sound, its saddest sound. [Artist: Simon & Garfunkel]


歌曲 New Soul

Yeal 的歌坛生涯也不是一帆风顺,在她发行第一张个人专辑时就遭遇失败~ 而后认识了鼓手、音乐人David donatien,两人在一起分享交流各自的的音乐经验,花了2年的时间在Yael自己家的录音室共同策划制作一张同名专辑。

Costa coffee feeling

About feeling of Costa coffee, I consider it is expensive than Starbucks. I like America Coffee any time. The second, I think here not be good of feeling for Internet, Here don’t have support to power socket for everybody. We know everyone who want to cafe for office, spare relaxation, business communication or others hope can be supported Internet service, So power delivery is necessary.