Costa coffee feeling

Today is Saturday, I go to Costa coffee for my spare time. Before I have lunch in side of my live station, and I have to bank(CMBC) to activate my new card.

In this morning, I called Xiaoya, I have be told she are taking a bus to Guangzhou for her party with her classmate of university.

In this afternoon, I have stay Costa Coffee for myself life. Because I haven’t active on today. I just want to begin to work on my new website. I need to study English, practice reading and speaking. I have knew it is important as one of part in KPI (Key Performance Indicator) in company.

About feeling of Costa coffee, I consider it is expensive than Starbucks. I like America Coffee any time. The second, I think here not be good of feeling for Internet, Here don’t have support to power socket for everybody. We know everyone who want to cafe for office, spare relaxation, business communication or others hope can be supported Internet service, So power delivery is necessary.

Following, I feeling here are so hot, I guess the are condition have some problem, maybe the refrigeration function is invalid in this building.

My English is still so bad, I found I haven’t more word in my language. And the grammar have some error.

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