Jacky Ma:The Virgo who changes the world

最后更新 Nov 11, 2014

Jacky Ma:The Virgo who changes the world

Hello! everyone, I’am Ma Yun. The Virgo who changes the world.

Today is September 19th. This evening, Alibaba will land the New York Stock Exchange. After the desisting, We’ve got the integration of listed for $68 per share, total $218 billion. What a sign of that? We are the third global financing scale.Dear,$1748 billion. How much time we need ro spend that money?

I know, maybe you are very worship me. But in more than ten years ago, people always say I am a liar. When I want to make yellow pages for the State Sports Commission, they ignores me and said you should make an appointment. Appointment your sister. Thanks to a TV photographer recorded that for me.

Now think about it, I will say, today you ignore me, tomorrow I shut you out.

When I was in trouble, I went to USA and eager finance 2 millions dollars.However I was rejected by 300 VC. That day, I felt I’m really a short poor ugly guy. but Today, what I want is 2 hundred billion.As a result,The participants of the investors lined up on the same floor where I live in the 90th floor,like thousands of people waiting for iPhone 6 in front of an Apple store.

Behind my variant recorded, there is also a time when I made a mistake that was Yahoo! Only spent 10 billion bought our 40% shares. Bariz late refused to cooperate with me.I really want to marry her and dumped her. So our equity situation is 34.4% share hold by Softbank, 22.6% share hold by Yahoo, as chairman of the board, I only hold 8.9%, Lu zhaoxi holds 1%, others hold 29.5% share, bright spot is this “other”.

I really don’t want to say anymore.I know,after tonight, Alibaba must be looked as a giant company by foreigners, but who konws the “Alibaba” trademark was not in our hands before, thank to the party and the country that we win the lawsuit. Otherwise now “Alibaba” really became a sesame oil brand.

As this roadshow process, I repeated the ecological energy of Aligroup.Now we have a very awesome Alipay, Taobao, Tmall business group, and these about to enter the KTV, the pharmacy, and usury industry.

The next step, we will bet on logistics and intelligent hardware field.Last year we set up food logistics.this year we will enter the domestic mobile phone industry, when ZTE, Huawei, Coolpad, Lenove Association is dying. I think that Meizu OPPO still have sense of B, even Laoluo and Letv start to do smart phone, what else can I do? So Alibaba is going to buy Meizu immediately and become a next grains.

There ‘s an old saying in China, the rich won’t last for three generations.Our vision is to make the Alibaba, to become a sustainable development enterprise which will last for 3 generations. I believe that after the next time Alibaba desisting listed again.we can achieve a trillion enterprise.

Finally, I decided to give each of your Alipay account with 919 RMB to commemorate the listed. Thank you.




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