Career History

Vipshop Holdings Ltd. (NYSE:VIPS)[link]

Position: Product Manager, Work on WeiMei Trip Project.

  • Design WeiMei Trip APP What is a pretty travel product.
  • Control project progeress, Team traning.
  • Interaction research and User Experience Improving.

Xingbang Industry Group Inc.[link]

Position: Product Manager, Work on B2B2C E-commerce

  • Design Qiuying APP Product, it’s another IM.
  • Interaction research and User Experience Improving.

PCGroup Inc.[link]

Period: 2012.02 – 2013.07, Position: Product Designer, Work on PCauto BBS what’s a about car and self-driving Forum.

  • Design PCauto BBS APP.
  • Interaction and User Experience Improving for PCauto BBS webpage.
  • SEO Optimazition for PCauto BBS article.

Two Group( Inc.[link]

XCloud on construction industry

  • Lead web developer for SEO & Web Optimazition.
  • Output web prototype, User Experience Improving & User interaction research
  • Improve web product usability and interaction.
  • Front-end code reveiw

Globalmarket Inc.[link]

Work on


  • User experience research and improvement.
  • Keyword optimization and SEM campaigns management across Google(AdWords), Baidu(FengChao).
  • Track KPI data(PPC) and analysis( keyword trend, page rank )
  • Research User activity(view, click, submit and search) by URL track with Google Analytics Tool.
  • Research keywords trend by Google Trends & Keyword word tool.
  • Advertisement creative and written.
  • Social network marketing(Mircoblog, Blog, Communication etc.)


  • Have hand in Chinese website building(
  • Achieve IP 5000 per day(before below 1500 IP)
  • Reduce Bounce Rate(from stared 87% to 67%)
  • Complete enterprise VIP registration with 50 applications each day
  • Cooperation with exhibition marketing(Canton Fair etc.) team by topic scheme online, got customer closed

Tencent Inc.[link]

Work on

  • Update Tenpay widget in QQ client.
  • Memeber of passager ticket order project development.
  • Lottery Front-end development.

Integration Design in Bysoft China[link]

Be Good at user experience and SEO. use in open source framword as Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, Textpattern and so on.



  • E-commerce building, Web design integration
  • Website Keywords and content optimization.
  • Team sharing and SEO study

As an soldier in Xia Men City

Satelite communication & Military network

  • Study asp.NET development, SQL Server Administration
  • Web Frontpage Design(HTML with table layout)